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The Dutch Solar Boat 2018

The Dutch Solar Boat is an electric raceboat powered by the sun!

The new hull

With in house made solar panels and an efficiënt designed hull, our new solar boat manages speeds up to 35 km/h. This design was made by team member Klaas Visser, and proved itself the first time it competed by setting a displacement hull speed record of 35.1 km/h!

The Dutch Solar Boat mk. 2 is an improvement over the first boat in several areas. First the hull design itself is more efficient. Second, due to the team being more familiar with composites, it is a lot lighter. Beyond that, the solar array on the new boat is made by the team itself and part of a research project into more effective solar panel laminates. With the new rules limiting teams to a set amount of solar cells, we believe a lot can be won with the right solar deck.

The photo slider shows an impression of the building process of the entire boat, from making the mold to making the boat itself and putting all parts together.

In the off-season the final improvements to the new boat will be developed; a new propulsion unit, new battery pack, upgraded electronics and of course hydrofoils!

Our boat can be recognized by a pilot with a very big smile on his face!

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