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The Dutch Solar Boat 2013

The Dutch Solar Boat is an electric raceboat powered by the sun!

The hull

Our old hull was designed together with Gaastmeer, it is a special design for inland waters. The main reason was the World Championship Dong Energy Solar Challenge which is held in the various inland waters of the Netherlands. We have managed to sail on the Mediterranean sea in Monaco with this small boat. Because of the low bow several waves rolled over the boat but we made it to the finishline.


As a powersource we use the solar panels that produce max. 1750 watt and secondly a 1,5kWh special produced lipo battery. We are not allowed by the rules of the several races to use other panels then prescriptioned by the race organizations, this also applies for the 1,5kWh battery. With all the other parts; the mppt-trackers, drivetrain, propellor, weight of the hull and other units we are free to make the boat as efficiënt and fast as possible.


By using high quality TeXtreme carbon fiber the boat is very lightweight.  This was the first time we worked with carbon fiber and it proved to be very strong and efficiënt during several races. Also we printed a part of the motor pod, under the waterline, by using 3D printing technology.


The Dutch Solar Boat manages to sail 18,5 km/h average only on sunlight! By using our battery we reach speeds up to 35 km/h.


In 2016-2017 the boat was modified to accommodate more solar cells to compete in the top class. This gave experience to optimize the design of the 2018 hull.

In 2017 year we introduced and tested our self made hydrofoils. By using hydrofoils the boat is lifted out of the water at a speed of approximately 12 km/u. When this happens there will be less friction and te boat will be more effecient and reaches higher speeds.


Our boat can be recognized by a pilot with a very big smile on his face!

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